Sunday, March 30, 2008

Understatement Of The Day

Jane Hamsher, quoting Paul Krugman, gets the Understatement Of The Day award:

Also got to meet Paul Krugman. It was surprising that the most confident of intellects, the one that can navigate his way with complete self-assurance when everyone around him has lost their mind, is quite shy and sort of compulsively, unintentionally funny. He said that we're living in the age of the anti-Cassandra --- she was the one who was always right, and never believed. But we're ruled by people who are never right, and always believe. Well, when we look back on this era I think we'll be saying once again that we should've listened to Krugman.

EschaCon08: Dirty Fucking Hippies Forever

Truth is, we should have listened to lots of people, like Juan Cole on Iraq, for instance, instead of the parade of raving lunatics we see on the cable news networks. Sadly, they don't write or say what's convenient to the people who run those networks, so they don't get much air time.

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