Friday, July 15, 2011

Music Video Of The Day

With the endless faux-drama over the national debt, I think this video is as timely as it was in 1972:

"Good God, consider yourselves fortunate that you have John Adams to abuse, for no sane man would tolerate it!"

Remove the wigs, substitute "Barack Obama" for "John Adams", and we could sell this thing as a musical comedy about the "Great Recession".

UPDATE: Speaking of the debt ceiling nonsense, economist Dean Baker has put the politics of it in perspective better than anyone I've read thus far:
The Democrats need the Republicans' to get a tax increase passed through Congress. The Republicans need the Democrats to give them cover for cuts that are unpopular across the board.

The NYT's False Symmetry Between Republicans and Democrats
As with so many things recently, the surest way for Republicans to get their agenda implemented is to put the Democrats in charge.

And yet there's an endless supply of people who wonder why I say don't support the Democrats until that changes...

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