Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say Goodbye, Part 7

Image credit: Excerpted from The Pain

Apparently, someone else is mourning the passing of the Space Shuttle:
I was talking about this depressing turn of events last Friday at a somewhat misnamed happy hour with my friend Ellen, who just about slumped forward to the point where her forehead was touching the icy rim of her martini glass, so demoralized was she over the prospect of the end of America’s space program, with all it symbolized—the ebbing of American optimism and enterprise, our supremacy in science and technology, the inexorable decline of the country. “And all because we couldn’t get our shit together to tax rich people and quit fighting expensive wars,” she said. Which gave me the idea for this cartoon.

We Could've Had the Moon
As I've mentioned before, we could have had a lot of things, instead of two failed wars and more on the way. Count the Moon, Mars, and any real chance of doing anything in space until the Chinese get there among them.

Anyway, go read the article. It's at both the image credit link and the quote link.

(h/t Pharyngula)

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