Monday, December 1, 2008

Endeavour Returns

Image credit: NASA

The caption for this image reads:


Backdropped against Earth's horizon and the blackness of space, Endeavour's Canadian-built robot arm appears amidst elements of the International Space Station. Endeavour had been docked for almost two weeks during the STS-126 mission at the orbital outpost when this image was taken.

The space shuttle Endeavour returned to Earth today. She had to land at Edwards Air Force Base due to bad weather at Cape Canaveral.

History buffs will probably realize that Endeavour is named after Captain James Cook's ship, which was one of the first European vessels to explore the Pacific Ocean. Cook's ship was the first known to have reached Australia's eastern shore, and was the first to fully chart New Zealand.

Apologies to any dial-up users, but this is just a marvelous image. Like this image of Mars, it shows what we can do when we put our minds to it.

As usual, clicking on the image will show a larger one. NASA also has a full size image for wallpaper purposes.

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