Monday, December 15, 2008

Highway To The Jungle

While following a link Lotus provided about a Toyota factory that was going to be built in Mississippi but has now been put on hold, I ran across this little nugget:

[click for to enlarge]

Now, the only problem with this is that the band in the picture isn't Guns And Roses. It's AC/DC. I'm sure there are at least a few people out there who couldn't tell them apart, but if the person who did this caption was one of them, he probably had an expert next to him who could.

It's fairly easy to tell the difference - AC/DC's guitarist wears shorts. Guns N Roses' guitarist wears a top hat with a big band. You clearly don't have to be a whiz at facial recognition to tell them apart. AC/DC are one of the most famous bands in the world, and Guns N Roses aren't exactly chopped liver, either.

Considering how important celebrity gossip is to news organizations these days and how easy this was to check, it makes you wonder if they bother to check anything before they publish it.

UPDATE: If you're wondering about the album the headline was referring to, I can't tell you anything. This guy from Guitar Player seems to like it, though:

Given the baggage surrounding this band and this album, it’s incredible that Chinese Democracy even exists. It’s even more incredible that it absolutely rules. Anyone who thinks rock records can’t have killing riffs, compelling grooves, stellar production, and solos that actually make the songs better needs to take a listen. Democracy’s on the march!

Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy Review

I guess that's good.

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