Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fun With Sitemeter

Sitemeter showed me this interesting visit from someone this morning:

Click on the image if you find it hard to read. If you're still finding it hard to read, here's what it's saying:

Someone visited here via Lotus's funny post about Bacolicio, a site that superimposes a strip of bacon on top of a site. Umm, well, from the comments in this article, actually. Here's a sample using an appropriate site. That's what the "Referring URL" line is about. The "Entry Page" means that they first arrived here at the main page. The "Exit Page" line is the other interesting one. What it's saying is that someone did a search on the site for the phrase sweetness and light.

Ha, ha. If you want sweetness and light, Pal, you came to the wrong century.


nmisscommenter said...

Pretty funny.

BTW, the bacon post was by the other blogger there, NMC (that is, me).

Cujo359 said...

Sorry, NMC, I keep doing that. Lotus wrote the comment in the second link, so I just assumed ...