Saturday, December 13, 2008

India Is Calling

Looks like I'll be adding some rupees to my collection:

Good day,May I have your urgent attention on this matter? I am Mr. Nelson Knight by name and I happen to be an accountant with Intercontinental bank. There's an urgent business proposal that I would like to share with you,one of my clients deposited the sum of ( $ 15,345,000) with my bank, On the 4th of May 2002, my Client, died in a drastic plane crash with his entire family. I have tried to locate his surviving relatives, through public files and embassies,but all my efforts had proved abortive. I would like to have this fund transferred in your care as soon as possible as the relative of this man.So that we can share the fund. Let me know your interest, and send this informations below. Full Name, Address, Occupation, Phone Number, Nationality, Age, Sex I shall be looking forward to hear from you. Yours faithfully Nelson Knight.

Does anyone fall for this stuff now? Or is this just some new kind of chain e-mail? The idea that someone from a foreign bank would e-mail strangers whose name it doesn't even know to ask them to store a large sum of money is preposterous almost beyond belief. Do people imagine that banks store all that money in their closets? Even given some recent examples, it's hard to imagine anyone who can operate a computer would be fool enough to fall for this.

For the sake of future humanity, I hope that no one who is foolish enough to answer these things is breeding. That's DNA that needs to be filtered out of the gene pool right now.

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