Saturday, September 12, 2009

As Though They Were Reading My Mind

Wonder why I identify with this cartoon? Read this, this, and this, and then consider Scarecrow's words:

Insanity is loose in the land, and here we sit trying to counter the craziness by writing blogs.

Slouching Away from 9/11

That's why.


Dana Hunter said...

I just hope that by writing the blog I can inspire someone who is actually good at organizing movements, shifting paradigms, and other such things. Because while I'm a half-way decent writer, I suck mightily at just about everything else.

Although today, I wondered if I could actually get elected to national office on the promise that I'll figure out and report why every damned Democrat seems to lose their spine completely when the right wing yells at them...

Cujo359 said...

That sounds more like the subject of a doctoral thesis than a campaign platform.

I write for similar reasons - hoping to provide clarity where there doesn't seem to be enough. What's discouraging is that there are actually no want of people on the tubez who do this sort of thing. That blogroll could probably be ten times its size and still not list everyone who deserved to be read, even if I stuck strictly to English-speakers. What it doesn't seem to have is a way to make people who desperately need the education they can provide take advantage of the opportunity.