Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"No, Really. Who Did It?"

Caption: The astonishing genetic diversity of the Joe Wilson family on display.

Image credit: YouTube screenshot by Cujo359

Some bits of humor from here and there around the web:

Bloggess found a special mushroom and went from there on a wild stream-of-consciousness ride.

Jason Rosenbaum and the Billionaires for Wealth Care thank the people who are making the country safe for obscene health care profit.

But the funniest thing I've seen this morning was a new commercial that allegedly is coming out in support of congressional designated screamer Joe Wilson's re-election campaign:

"I said, 'Joe, who's the nut that hollered out, "You lie" or "You liar?" And he goes, 'It was me.', and I said 'No really. Who did it?'. I couldn't believe that Joe had said that."

Roxanne Wilson Is Proud To Stand With Joe (YouTube)

She goes on to say that her husband is very passionate, not to mention hard working, loves his family, all the stuff you'd expect from a guy who hollers nonsense in the middle of a joint session of Congress.

I'm not sure how much help that advertisement is going to be, but it's a needed shot of comic relief.

UPDATE: Image credit: YouTube screenshot by Cujo359

Getting back to intentional humor - Skeptic Society founder Michael Shermer tries to talk his way past Mr. Deity into heaven. Unfortunately, there's just one deadly sin he ... just watch the video.

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