Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Profiles In Stupid: The Strange Case Of The Prince Of Pot

We don't have a pot to piss in, but the government has plenty of money to waste on this, as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

The days of freedom are just about over for Marc Emery, the Vancouver, B.C., pot activist wanted for four years on U.S. drug charges.

Emery, who has described himself as the Prince of Pot, will surrender to Canadian authorities on Sept, 28, his wife says in her blog.

Then he will be shipped to Seattle, where he is expected to plead guilty as part of a deal with federal prosecutors and be sentenced to five years. He wants to be able to serve the time in Canada.

'Prince of Pot' About To Be Busted

This is unbelievable. Not only did they pay for all the back and forth paperwork for getting the guy here, but then the courtroom time, the lawyers, and five years of jail. All for selling marijuana seeds. This must be close to a million dollars here. All to put a guy away who is selling something less harmful than you can buy in a state-run liquor store.

It was interesting to read the comments on this article. There had to have been at least thirty, mostly from different people. Not one of them thought this was a good idea.

So, except for law enforcement, the jailhouse industry, and pandering politicians, who does?


One Fly said...

It's our third war front. We can't lose ya know. So sick of this shit.

Dusty said...

Fucking horseshit on a stick this is. We waste more govt money on persecuting pot smokers than anything this side of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Fucking idiots make me physically ill.

Pot seeds..friggin pot seeds.

ps..thanks for stopping by and commenting Cujo. It has been a rough week for moi. But this post got my dander up..which is a good thing. ;)

Cujo359 said...

Yes, One Fly, and like many of the wars we've been involved in lately, it has a lot more to do with profit motive and pandering politicians than it does with our actual needs.

Glad to see you're on the mend, Dusty. It's tough losing a friend, and cats who choose to be around us are friends, as far as I'm concerned. When my next door neighbors moved away, I was sad that their cat no longer paid me visits. No one "owns" a cat. You befriend them. The only things you own are the vet bills.

And regaining the ability to feel righteous anger is one of the signs of recovery.

Dusty said...

Cujo..check this shit out:


It's getting real friggin ugly now. Sick fucks.

Yep, I am on the mend, thanks ;)

Cujo359 said...

The death is still being investigated. They haven't officially determined whether it's a suicide or a homicide, so I'll refrain from commenting for now. Whatever the cause, let's hope it's just an isolated incident, and the truth can be determined.

Dusty said...

It happened two weeks ago. I don't think he would of scrawled "FED" on his own chest..do you?

Add to that the killing of the abortion-providing Doc and we got a civil war on our hands with anyone left of center as the target.