Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well, Lookee Here

My old alma mater excels at something besides football. Washington Monthly has released their list of the best colleges for 2009, and The Pennsylvania State University came out pretty well:

Rather than rate a school by how famous its graduates are or how their presidents feel about them, Washington Monthly rates colleges according to how much research they do, how many of their students do public service, and how well they contribute to upward mobility. As can be seen by that red '3' in the right hand column, PSU excels in the third category. It has a higher graduation rate than expected, and has a large number of students who qualify for Pell Grants. It does pretty well at graduating PhD's in science and engineering, too.

Hey, it might not be as satisfying at being number one in a sport where large men push each other around in the mud, but we'll take it.

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