Saturday, September 19, 2009

Joan Osborne

The other night over at Firedoglake, Suzanne posted a link to this YouTube of Joan Osborne singing "Don't Tell Me How It Ends". It's a decent rendition of the song, which is one of those Kris Kristofferson compositions that are probably best appreciated if they're not experienced too often. I'd heard of Joan Osborne before, but I couldn't have told you what she sang. Then, for some reason, I clicked on this YouTube:

Image credit: Screenshot of this video by Cujo359

All I can say is, wow. I'm a fan now.


Suzanne said...

hey cujo - it was that don't tell me how the story ends song that got me listening to joan with new ears. then i found her breakfast in bed cd and a buncha her cover songs. that cover of what becomes of the broken hearted is forking awesome.

she's on my list of artists i want to see in concert. betcha she rocks down the house with the power of her voice.

Cujo359 said...

One of the things that impresses me is the different popular styles she can sing in. The first YouTube I linked is a country song, and she sings that it in what I'd call a classic country style. She's also sung several Motown/R & B covers, and nearly all sound perfect. Her modern popular songs are interestingly different from either of these genres.

I think that one of the reasons I didn't recognize her before is that, just listening, it's hard to connect the woman who sings "Crazy Baby" with the one who sings "What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted" or "Don't Tell Me ...".

I'm definitely going to be watching for upcoming concerts.

Anonymous said...

Joan Osborne is a real woman the kind that make real men want to take her home. Beautiful body, voice and attitude.