Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cool Picture Of The Day

I suppose I've never mentioned my bizarre fascination for Patagonia before. It's the name mostly, though the place is pretty interesting. They have cowboys there, and penguins. Apparently, it was a good place to photograph the most recent solar eclipse. That was the subject of this Astronomy Picture of The Day:
Image credit: Janne Pyykkö/Astronomy Picture Of The Day

Caption: On July 11, after a long trek eastward across the southern Pacific Ocean, the Moon's shadow reached landfall in South America. In a total solar eclipse close to sunset, silhouetted Moon and Sun hugged the western horizon, seen here above the Andes mountains near the continent's southern tip. To enjoy a good vantage point, the photographer hiked to a windy spot about 400 meters above a lake, Lago Argentino, climbing into the picture after setting up his camera on a tripod. At left, the sky outside the shadow cone is still bright. Below, the lights of El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina, shine by the lake shore.

Normally, if the camera photographs your ass you've screwed up somehow. There are times, though, when it actually works.

That's how art is sometimes. At least he wasn't being mauled by a penguin or a cowboy.

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Dana Hunter said...

That's too awesome for words. Especially your commentary.