Monday, July 5, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Caption: Ooh, an explosion! Is this a great country or what?

Image credit: Cujo359

Had I seen it in time, this would have been part of yesterday's post, because it fits right in with that theme. Scarecrow explains what the Fourth of July is reminding a lot of us about this year:

And I would have mentioned Afghanistan and Iraq and climate change and health care . . . in the title except I ran out of room.

Where is all this mindless happy talk and patriotic gibberish coming from? Americans should be ashamed of what they’ve allowed to happen to their country over the last decade and furious at those who misled them.

Dan Senor, former Bush official and neocon apologist, is a man who can’t get any of his economic facts straight, and he wasn’t even asked whether his boss’s upaid for $3 trillion wars, with tax cuts and drug plan might have some connection to the debts he now finds so offensive.

It’s the 4th of July! The Gulf is Dying, the Recovery Is Stalled, 15 Million Need Jobs and the National Bird Is an Ostrich

As with one of last week's quotes, the title itself is worthy as a quote of the day. Paul Krugman provided some details about what Dan Senor didn't know, but the basic idea is that Senor didn't want to see it. Japan's situation was, and is, pretty clear for anyone whose job doesn't depend on not seeing it - they are solvent, and they are just coming out of a very long recession their own fetish for fiscal austerity largely created.


Dana Hunter said...

Yeah, that was why I didn't do one of those happy joy joy patriotic posts this year. Much better to concentrate on the pretty explosions than try to rustle up some good ol' American pride.

I like the "national bird is an ostrich" line. Too true.

Oh, and to concentrate on something not totally depressing, that's a great pic. Looks something like an octopus. PZ would love it!

Cujo359 said...

It's gotten hard to be positive in the last decade or so. Not so sure about the octopus thing - too many arms.