Friday, July 9, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Ian Welsh writes up a good checklist of all the reasons the Democratic Party is in trouble this year, then concludes:

Democrats made a play for corporate money and in so doing, they sold out constituencies which were actually loyal to them, and could actually be counted on. Wall Street will never be reliably loyal to Democrats, neither will the very rich. At best they will play Democrats and Republicans off against each other, but realistically, they prefer Republicans whenever Republicans can win.

You reap what you sow. Sell out the interests of your core supporters, and they can’t help you as much as they could if you helped them. When will Democratic politicians learn this lesson?

Democrats Face 200 million Republican War Chest Without the Strong Allies They Should Have

My answer to that last question is: when it finally robs them of political power. Until then, it's all irrelevant. That is particularly true of the political prostitutes who inhabit the DC Democratic caucus.

Let's hope that day comes soon, so the task of rebuilding can finally begin.


lawguy said...

I'd have to agree for the most part, but I still think that things can get a lot worse without getting any better. On the other hand it is the only chance we've got.

Cujo359 said...

Without any change of course, things will get a lot worse. That's the problem. They might get even worse than that with the GOP in power, but I don't see any way around that in the short run.

The two alternative solutions offered so far - primary challenges and third parties, are almost impossible in the current system. When someone offers a plan that has a chance of working, I'm happy to change my mind. I just haven't seen one.

Expat said...

This political choice is between corrupt and corrupt; one corrupt being ideology, the other, expedience. These corrupts have corrupted the source of power in their attempts to control that power and sold their integrity to the highest bidder to maintain their power.
No choice is possible when the corruption is universal. The only real alternative is to allow the corruption to play out, as it will, and watch the collapse of the edifice corrupted to and from the foundations, nothing those in power can do that will stay the collapse, it is like asking cancer to cure itself. The reality is, whatever choice one makes, it makes no difference at this point, the die is cast, the Rubicon crossed.
The idea that was foundation of the country lives on elsewhere, and is still held in esteem, the idea will not die. Once the collapse has taken place, whatever form it takes, those reconstructing the original idea will find it necessary to provide sufficient protection from the workings of human deviousness and political avarice. Much has been lost from the experience of the first great Republic, Rome, but much remains too that can provide guidance in constructing the necessary protections if the knowledge is known, kept and used.

Bustednuckles said...

Hey, the greedy fuckers deserve to find employment some where else, in this economy.

I am absolutely disgusted with the Democratic party, as in DONE.
Spineless cock suckers.If the Repukes get a majority, it is back to the thirteen century, just like they have been trying to do.
The Dem's had their chance and blew it, big time. They should have shoved their agenda down the throats of those sonsabitches while they had the chance.
Too fucking late now.

Cujo359 said...

Unfortunately, Expat, there's truth in what you say. Right now, those do seem to be the choices. The only question is what we do about it. Whether it's rebuilding the Democratic Party, or starting a new one, letting the current version of it remain in power isn't going to get that done.

I'm not patient by nature. Watching edifices fall isn't a course that works for me. If somewhere along the way we can give it a push, so much the better.

You're exactly right, Bustednuckles, this is a sorry group of Democratic politicians. They deserve nothing better than to have to scramble to find real jobs in the economy they helped screw up. Sadly, that won't be their fate.

Even so, if I thought leaving them in power is what would work best for the future, I'd recommend doing it. Unfortunately, I don't see how that will work. Since they've shown no loyalty to us, I'm perfectly willing to see them become irrelevant. I might even enjoy the thought a little.

Expat said...

What to do about …?

If the corruption were limited, there would be things to do to counter the corruption. Once corruption has taken hold and spread throughout the body politic, nothing can be done to remedy the fact, no party will ever have the ability to effect the necessary changes. This is why public financing of elections will never happen, it cannot be allowed to happen, it is against the corrupted interests to consider happening.

So it really does make no difference whether one works within the system, works through a third party, or any other way, the cancer will take it's course and will inevitably consume the host.

What can be done is study and understand human nature, of all characteristics it changes little; study and understand the processes of political power and how that can be controlled and directed; study and understand the process of economics which can be defined as mankind's ecology, how life's necessities are provided, and the superstructures that have been developed upon that ecology; study and remember history, the repository of humankind's experience is there to apply; promote poetry, nothing lingual is as likely to transcend the boundaries of language and enrich understanding.