Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Eli on Democratic Party concerns that progressives just aren't enthusiastic enough about supporting them:

Earth to Democrats: Your voters are not engaged because you’ve been either ignoring them or disparaging them for the past year and a half. You used “healthcare reform” to deliver an enormous captive customer base to a rapacious health insurance industry while doing little to rein them in, you settled for a weak and ineffective stimulus bill, you pulled your punches on financial reform, you never lifted a finger for EFCA, you’re still foot-dragging on DADT, you’ve shown no more respect for the Constitution than the Bush administration, and you shamefully hung ACORN, Van Jones, Dawn Johnsen and Shirley Sherrod out to dry because you were afraid of conservative shriekers.

You called us “fucking retarded”, and complained that we threw money down the drain by supporting Bill Halter’s primary challenge against the anti-progressive Blanche Lincoln. Why on earth should we be enthusiastic about supporting you when you so clearly have no respect for us at all? Why should we care if you only have 52 seats in the Senate when you did so little when you had 59 and even 60? (Yes, I’m aware that you passed bills called healthcare reform and financial reform, but that doesn’t mean they were progressive.)

Democratic Party Still Thinks Progressives Are Fools

Frankly, the difference between DC Democrats and the GOP isn't worth the trouble of walking out to the mailbox to get the mail-in ballot these days. If they're surprised that we don't appreciate all their efforts, they need to go back and read what we all told them for the last eighteen months.

Reading the pathetic nonsense in that Washington Post article, it's pretty clear they haven't:

Jon Vogel, executive director of the Democratic House campaign organization, predicted Democratic voters would get energized when they focus on what Republican gains would mean for the Democratic agenda.

"You start to educate folks as to differences in candidates, the enthusiasm gap certainly will close," Vogel said.

Democrats Wary Of Motivation Problem With Liberals

Which isn't to say he's not right. The fact is, if progressives generally had ever shown any inclination to tell Democrats to pound sand when they ignore us, they would have told the little rat fucker to shut his mouth months ago. The plain fact is they know progressives will vote for them, just like they always do. There is, therefore, absolutely no reason to take their opinions seriously. Only people with the ability and the will to take power away from politicians matter. Progressives don't do that, so they don't matter.

End of story.

Afterword: At least, it's the end of the story until either someone figures out a way around that conundrum, or enough progressives finally buy a clue. I'm not betting on either of those things happening any time soon.

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