Friday, August 13, 2010

Poem Of The Day

Debbierlus wrote a poem about the Obama Administration's attitude toward its base in a diary at FireDogLake today. Here's a snippet:

We stole their thunder
Their cries for real change
What a bunch of chumps
A bunch of dopes
We gave to em the face of
real change
Without the change ...

Wadda They Gonna Do ‘Bout It? Vote Republican??? A Poem

When you aren't willing to change your vote, you have no power to influence politicians. They have too many other people to please who will change their votes. This is why American politics drift rightward. Too many progressives don't want to "waste" their votes, so their votes don't count.

Maybe one day progressives will come to that realization, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


Expat said...

The Power of NO!
Of all the multitude of words to be had
in the dictionary, and the weight they carry
it is the short ones that have most power.
I, commands all else; am, the heart of being;
No, the hidden power of negation,
of contradiction, of independence.
One of the first words learned by toddlers,
after Mum and Da, comes No,
(I do not give MY consent),
at the beginnings of a lifetime,
that that power is understood,
and exercised - the terrible twos
Would that that lesson, early known, be recalled.
NO, I do not give MY consent!
to those who would tell you lies,
who would use you for their ambition,
who would rob you of your labour,
to endow their own gratification,
to entice your consent by deceit,
to get your vote.

Cujo359 said...

I'm into the power of no these days, that's for sure. Seems like such a negative thing, yet it has some positive value.

At least, I think it does...