Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not As Silent As Before

Image credit: Occupy Together

While folks who watch television news say that the networks have largely ignored the Occupy movements, that seems to be less true of print and online journalists. Here's a quote from a McClatchy article today:
NEW YORK — Vince Taylor doesn't fit the stereotype of unkempt twentysomething protesters at the Occupy Wall Street site in Manhattan, which was clear from the homemade canvas sign he held there.

It read: "75 AND DISGUSTED."

Taylor, a retired economist with a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, flew across the country last Friday from his home in Mendocino, Calif., to join the Occupy Wall Street protest.

"I thought it's important that people recognize that there are a lot of very thoughtful people in this country that identify with the Occupy Wall Street people," Taylor said. Like many of his fellow protesters, Taylor said he was concerned with income inequality in America and corporate influence in Congress.

There's many a gray head in Occupy Wall Street crowd
I know where he's coming from. Watching what's happened to my country in the last couple of decades has been heartbreaking, and there's been no reason for it beyond the malfeasance of our leaders and our own collective disinterest as citizens. Now we're having to make up for all that.

Still, as long as there are people like Vince Taylor and his young compatriots, there's reason to hope that we can change the direction we're headed.

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