Friday, November 25, 2011

What TIme Magazine Shows The World, and Us

No sooner do I get on Twitter this morning when I see this message from Glenn Greenwald:
So revealing: here's what Time Magazine thinks of its American readership (via @IRANALLIANCE)

Twitter Message from Glenn Greenwald
I follow the link, and the first thing I see is a paragraph that says that Time content is available to online subscribers only. OK, this is a bit greedier than most online magazines, but still not what I'd call a slap on its readership. Then I scrolled to the bottom, and there was the answer:

Image credit: Screenshot of Time online magazine by Cujo359

Yes, if you live in the U.S. they charge you for more trivial content than they show the rest of the world.

I doubt that I will ever be a subscriber, even if I become fabulously rich and just can't think what else to do with the money.

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