Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"They're Not The Counter-Culture. They're The Culture"

With those words, Bill Maher makes more sense of the Occupy movements, and what has motivated them, than most of what passes for our news:

But then, he is our answer to Mark Twain.

UPDATE: I guess we're doing videos today. Here's Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks explaining how the latest news about the bank bailouts by the Federal Reserve help explain the Occupy movements:

Long-time readers will recall that I mentioned this some time ago. What the documents have confirmed is the magnitude of that bailout. I wasn't one of those shocked or surprised by this announcement. The only thing that I find surprising so far is that Bloomberg, who also broke this latest story, had run articles back then saying there was anything from $15 to $23 trillion in financial support to banks. So far, the number appears to be more like $8 trillion, according to documents in the latest FOIA release. If you add that to the GAO audit's figure of $16 trillion, it just about adds up to $23 trillion.

That may just be coincidence, though. It's just as possible that most or all of the same money is being referred to in both reports.

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