Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy Dallas Cleared Out

In the latest in a wave of operations designed to clear Occupy movements out of the areas they had been occupying, the Dallas police tonight cleared Occupy Dallas from a city park. The Occupy Dallas people had received warnings this was happening, including this one:
The "Occupy Dallas" movement moves in to day 40 today and into court, but will protesters be able to keep their camp behind Dallas City Hall?

Last week, the city demanded they clean up their act or lose their designated place on city property.

Day 40 of Occupy Dallas

Tonight, a final warning was spread via Twitter. One such message came from a reporter for local television station WFAA:
BREAKING: Dallas Police Asst Chief saying #Occupy campers will have chance to get property and leave before sweep in next few mins.

Twitter message from Jason Whitely
That was followed soon by a report from someone identifying himself as @OccupyIntel:
-ALERT DALLAS- Confirmed presence of 10+ mounted patrols, 15+ SWAT, and 75+ in riot gear in parking lot.

Twitter message from OccupyIntel
Soon after, the police moved in. This Twitter message arrived about 11:30 PM PST:
BREAKING: Dallas Police with flashlights going tent to tent at #Occupy camp looking for people. They will be arrested for trespassing.

Twitter message from Jason Whitely
Finally, at about 11:50 PM PST:
And just like that, our City Hall occupation seems to be over. Of course, this is very, very far from over.

Twitter message from OccupyDallasCOS
My guess is that this will avail the Dallas authorities about what it has everywhere else, which is to say that people will simply reorganize and return.

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