Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chart Of The Day

Just saw this at Pollster, and gratuitously disloyal Democratic Party basher that I am, I had to share:
Image credit: Screenshot of this Pollster page by Cujo359

Click on the image to enlarge. Click on the image credit link to be taken to the current page.

Things started to go bad in July, which corresponds roughly to when people started seeing the economy go south again. We all see what we want to see in things like this, but what I see is that this is what three and a half years of refusing to do the right thing on economic issues gets you.

As I've mentioned before, these generic ballots have almost no bearing on individual races. That's particularly true of races where incumbents are running for re-election. Still, as a measure of the relative trust in the two parties, it's instructive.

My guess is that Josh Marshall may have been looking at those polls, too. Talking Points Memo has its own poll aggregater.

The Democrats are losing to one of the most demented groups of politicians to be assembled outside a mental institution. That should tell you something.

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