Monday, August 23, 2010

Quote Of The Day

From Charles Hughs of Of Two Minds comes this, at the end of a long list of non-accomplishments of the Obama Administration and their enablers in Congress:

Nothing of any importance has changed. The engine of Empire is lugging a bit as the load increases, but the Empire's army of high-caste technocrats are hard at work, securing their perquisites and fat paychecks by keeping the sprawling global machine running.

Just as in the late stages of the Roman Empire, magical thinking abounds. This is America, the capital of can-do! We are audaciously hopeful because we always arise, newly envigorated by the unquenchable spring of American innovation, blah blah blah.

Nothing Has Changed

It's worth a look at that list, I think. While I might disagree on how important some items are, there's nothing in there that is fundamentally wrong that I can see. The record of this Congress and this President is one of missed opportunities, and repeated self-inflicted wounds.

The end of this government will be sad only for what it could have accomplished, if somehow it had cared enough to accomplish anything useful. The only thing good that I can say about this is that they richly deserve to lose power, because failure should have some consequences, and that the downfall of the people who led this version of the party should make it easier for a new one to be created.

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