Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Eli on the Blue Dog Democrats' impending demise this November:

Simply put, the best way to survive a backlash election is to not invite one.

Blue Dogs And Conservadems About To Reap The Whirlwind

How long have many of us out here in Left Blogistan been trying to tell these idiots that this is what would happen? Let's see, here's what I wrote last year:

Republicans are bound to win back some seats in 2010, just based on the fact that the Democrats have accomplished so little and have looked bad doing it. There's also the mid-year curse to consider, when Republicans tend to do better due to their voters' tendency to go to the polls more reliably.

So, Next Time They'll Do Better?

It was pretty clear even back then that most of the seats lost would be those of conservative Democrats. People voted for them at least partly because they expected that the war in Iraq would be wrapped up somehow, the economy righted, and the Constitution at least somewhat restored. They didn't do that. They basically did what Republicans would have done in their place.

Now that they're up for re-election it's the same old song - elect us or the GOP will really screw things up. It's a wonder anyone wants to go to the polls this fall.

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