Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Price Of Progress

Besides the more vibrant colors, there's another reason to mourn the passing of cathode ray tube monitors - cats find their warm, flat tops inviting places to hang out:

Image credit: I Can Has Cheezburger

Progress always comes at a cost.


James Ala said...

Meh, Kitty can always zonk out on top of top of tower PC or make a nuisance out of him/herself by parking on top of a laptop keyboard. Then there is the old standby of the window ledge or perhaps squeezed into the crevices of a refrigerator motor. Besides not having a CRT monitor to laze on, the cat will now have more time to stalk his favorite pray; your toes.

I don't miss CRTs one bit, they were god-awful heavy beasts that sucked up far too much real estate. Plus they had burn in issues and ghosting issues. Add to that to the fact that they were freaking dangerous when they imploded and thanks but no thanks to the CRT. Besides with the CRT gone Kitty must now seek warmth where God intended him or her to; in a humans lap.

george.w said...

THAT brings back memories of my sweet kitteh Leica, who used to sit on top of my CRT and block the screen with her bushy Main Coon tail, and swat at objects on screen. I miss her.

But not the CRT. Maybe I'll build a kitteh shelf just above my LCD. It produces a bit of heat, and Oscar would probably use it. Poor Mahalia is getting too frail to climb.

Cujo359 said...

I don't miss the bulk, James Ala. I miss the subtlety of the colors, though, and I don't like the dead pixels, or even rows of dead pixels, that LCD monitors all seem to develop over time.

For me, it's really a mixed bag.

Cujo359 said...

I have one LCD monitor, George, that puts out more heat than the computer it's connected to. It's a lovely 24 inch Gateway monitor, but I'm afraid it's going to burn itself out one day getting as hot as it does.

If you could distribute the heat coming out of it onto a flat surface, I'm sure a cat would be plenty happy to perch there.