Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Get Well Wishes

I hadn't been to Pharyngula for a couple days and then I got there and read this:

I'm in big trouble. My wife is sending me pictures of cute puppy dogs to make me feel better.
Anyway, I've been trapped in the hospital overnight, and this morning they promise to finally give me the really good drugs and turn me into a vegetable for a few hours while they stick knives in my heart, which will be a welcome relief from the excruciating boredom. Then I get to wake up to the pain, which won't be fun at all. At any rate, this is the scary morning, and the rest is recuperation — I'll let you all know once I'm semi-functional again. Maybe this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow.

I Am Doomed

Apparently, there's a big operation in PZ Myer's future. So here is a more appropriate animal for the purpose of cheering up a biologist who studies cephalopods:
Image credit: Cujo359

A little octopus porn, courtesy of the Seattle Aquarium. Get well soon, perfessor.

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