Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And People Wonder Why I Don't Do Social Media

Caption: Believe it or not, my furry mug is now on Twitter.

There's a reason I don't do social media, and it mostly boils down to that it's just another way of reminding me what creepy little shits some people can be. As JT Eberhard reports:
Kenny Flagg, a leader with the Freethinkers of The University of North Dakota put this image on the r/atheism subreddit after 1am this morning. Overnight we get a gaggle of international traffic.

This morning it hits the front page of reddit and we start getting domestic traffic. Also, Christians start hammering it with downvotes.

Matching Offer For The SSA
This is creepy and stupid on levels I don't want to explore. Go to the linked article if you want to know more, and/or do something.

How did I learn about this? Via Twitter, of course.

By the way, I'm registered with Twitter now as Cujo359. Mostly, what I do is announce new articles on it, so no one is following. It's just another way for the world to ignore what I have to say, which seems to suit the world just fine, and doesn't bother me as much as it perhaps ought to.


Dana Hunter said...

Um. You have to follow more people to get followers. And be patient, give it time to build. Eventually, Twitter will take over your life and become the whole of your world. Nothing will exist outside of Twitter. Your only friends will be your Tweeps.

You will be assimilated. ;-)

Cujo359 said...

To tell you the truth, the few feeds I do follow are almost overwhelming. That's particularly so since some of those folks seem to be constantly sharing other stuff that they like.

I'm fairly sure that nothing exists outside of the Internet already.