Monday, October 24, 2011

Protest Sign Of The Day

Via Twitter, I found this little gem:

Image credit: Twitter image via Matt Stoller

What's all that then? Turns out the person who wrote this sign is referring to this article by Think Progress writer Zaid Jilani, who put our current economic disparity in focus with an article drawn from a number of sources.

All of which would be way too technical for some folks, as Matt Stoller observed:
You're even providing citations. What a well-sourced revolution. #OccupyDC I bet other revolutions give you wedgies.

Twitter message from Matt Stoller
That's probably true. I mean, the sorts of guys who go around carrying signs like this:
Image credit: Look At This Teabagger

(Just how many czars did the Soviet Union have? Talk about a trivial criticism.)

and this:

Image credit: Look At This Teabagger


Image credit: Look At This Teabagger

(I guess three out of four isn't too bad, if you're grading on the Teabagger curve.)

and everyone's favorite:

Image credit: story at Know Your Memes

never paid much attention to stuff like percentages and sourcing.

Yes, I think all those jocks and prom queens who never needed to learn things like spelling and grammar probably would have hung the person who wrote that first sign up by his suspenders in the classroom closet all night.

After they took his lunch money, of course. Probably why they never needed to worry about health care or retirement.

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