Monday, October 3, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Montana Maven, in a comment at Corrente about the state of progressive activism in America:
They have been "campaigning" for America's Future since the 1980s. How has that worked out with all that "campaigning"?

In 2004 we were introduced to George Lakoff and he was a rock star with people fervently reframing everything in sight. I mentioned at the time to the Professor that no amount of "reframing" was going to make the introverted aristocratic Kerry a charismatic speaker. I said it was better to go with serious and solid issues like ending poverty and bringing back manufacturing jobs i.e. appealing to working Americans. ( I had worked for Edwards in Iowa because of these ideas and seeing for myself the misery of the Maytag workers).

Silly me. We Democrats just had to point out how superior we were because we were nurturers. We were mommies and daddies. Ugh.

I finally caught on that the same people were there every year and the same people would rail against the system and then herd everybody into the the voting booth for the lesser of two evils.

Warn the people of OWS about the OBorg machine for sure
The OBorg machine the title refers to is the Obama Administration's noise machine, but this is a comment that applies a lot more generally. I remember thinking, back in 2004, that Kerry and Gore before him, hadn't done enough to differentiate himself from George W. Bush on a whole host of issues, particularly how we would handle the two wars we'd gotten ourselves into. The answer we got was that he'd do it the same way, only better.

This was my own brief experience with progressive and Democratic activists. They were always telling us how stupid we were for not doing things their way, or not understanding the brilliance of their strategy. They were always getting their asses handed to them. They never seemed to be able to put those two thing together to reach the obvious conclusion.

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