Thursday, October 20, 2011

Profiles In Fierce Advocacy: People Think You Should Be At Least As Good As Some White Guy

Image credit: Rep. Maxine Waters official website

More of an indirect quote via Politico, but I love it anyway:
[Rep. Maxine Waters CA-35] had expressed out loud the sense of frustration that a president whose election was hailed as a crowning moment in African-Americans’ struggle for equality has not resulted in the sweeping change pioneered by a white Southern Democrat’s Great Society four decades earlier.

President Obama learns perils of roiling Maxine Waters
Ouch! Oh, and snap! I added that emphasis, of course, and the link.

Nothing quite captures how useless Barack Obama has been as President, both to African Americans and the rest of us. Taylor Marsh adds:
Whether Pres. Obama is comfortable addressing this specific reality head on or not, minority unemployment is a ticking bomb.

For the first African American president to not be able to speak directly to the plights of minority unemployed, which is Rep. Waters’ home base, represents the mirror image of Obama’s lack of connection with the blue collar working class, whose economic plight is also turning downward.

The Perils of Pissing off Maxine
There’s a lot of trouble out here in the land beyond the Beltway. Unemployment is worst in minority communities, I expect, but there are predominately white ones that will be getting there soon. Nothing makes a country unstable like lots of young unemployed men contemplating their bleak futures. Just ask Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Greece.

Maxine Waters isn’t Barack Obama’s problem – she’s just one of the least problematic symptoms.

If President Fierce Advocate weren't so utterly uninterested in our problems out here, I suspect he'd be hearing a lot less from Rep. Waters.

He'd definitely be hearing a lot less from me.


One Fly said...

bama has the ability to make people dislike him because he said he was like them but he's not of course.

New look here - yes!

Cujo359 said...

Yes, part of the problem with Obama is that there seems to be nothing genuine about him. I've always wondered at this "conversion" to Christianity. Yes, people convert from non-belief to Christianity, but his particular conversion was so convenient for his political career.

He doesn't seem to have been much of a community organizer, either.

I got tired of things like "Read more" not working with the old blog template, so I finally moved on.