Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This photo was taken near Watkins Glen, NY, in a state park there:
Image credit: Amerikaan314/Wikipedia

As you can see from the image credit, it's not one of mine. Of course, that link leads to the Wikipedia page explaining the photo and offering larger images, if any.

I love the look of the sedimentary rock being cut by the stream. Waterfalls that last are made of relatively hard rocks layered on top of softer rock. As the underlying rock is cut away, the rock on top breaks off, preserving the drop. The rocks could be either limestone, slate, or shale, plus sandstone. All are pretty common in that region. There are fossil ripples and waves there.

This waterfall is one of nineteen at the park.

Whatever it is, it's lovely.

Yes, all that because someone mentioned auto racing in the New York area.


Karen said...

I had the privilege of hiking up the trail at that state park, oh, about 27 years ago when I had knees that worked reliably. I was on a business trip to Binghamton, NY (I'm a Californian) and someone I was working with said "You HAVE to see Watkins Glen!" And he was so right. It was breathtaking. I only wish I'd known more about geology at the time.

Cujo359 said...

It looks like there would be quite a bit of up and down on that trail. Being able to look at that much exposed rock would have to be fascinating to anyone who knew about the region's geology.