Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes, Something's Changed

This will be the lead article through Monday. New content, if any, will be below.

Image credit: Emilian Robert Vicor/Flickr

I'm trying out a new template for the blog. The old one wasn't doing any number of things properly, and I was tired of trying to figure out why things weren't working.

It's quite likely this won't be the end of the changes, but it's a step in a better direction.

Let me know in comments or via e-mail if something isn't working for you.

UPDATE (Oct. 15): I've changed the CSS so that blockquotes and tables are set off with slightly different background colors.

Now that the "share this" widget appears at the bottom of articles like it's supposed to, I've removed the "Twitterize Me" widget along the side. Thanks for using it, and now you have even more ways to let the world know about all the fabulous stuff you've found here. ;)

Hopefully, that's all the changes...


Expat said...

Nice Change
Lots easier to read as well. Keep the mechanic, they do good work.

Cujo359 said...

Some days, I wish I had a mechanic.

Dana Hunter said...

Loving the background! But of course, I would. ;-)

Cujo359 said...

Yes, you might have even recognized its origin.