Monday, October 3, 2011

Cool Web Page Of The Day

The wonders of modern technology:

View Occupy Everywhere in a larger map

That's a Google map of most of the places Occupy Together is trying to organize protests of one sort or another.

Let's see how long it is before this site has technical difficulties, shall we?

(h/t hipparchia)

UPDATE (11:45 PM PDT): That didn't take long. It appears it wasn't the forces of Big Internet that did this one in, but lack of interest:
Occupy Everywhere

Due to lack of interest from people to volunteer to help place new pins and update other. I have no choice but to abandon this project. If you and or a group would like to take it over please contact me and I can assign the privileges. Just keep in mind its not a 1 person job.
If you have a group who'd like to help, just click on the "Occupy Everywhere" link above to learn more.

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